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Benefits of Bilingualism

There are many benefits to bilingualism further explored in the pages below. But briefly stated, here are 7 benefits:



1. Being bilingual has positive effects on the brain. On average, bilinguals are better at using logic, understanding math concepts, focusing, multitasking, remembering, and exercising self-control.


2. Because bilinguals who are also biliterate can read and think in two different languages, they are better at abstract thought and better prepared to succeed in college.


3. Being bilingual makes you more employable. According to, bilingual employees can earn between 5% and 20% more per hour than monolinguals.  Another study found that high-level bilingualism is associated with extra earnings of about $3,000 a year, even after controlling for factors like education and parental socio-economic status.


4. Bilinguals are more empathetic and open-minded.





5. Bilinguals are healthier and age better. For example, bilingualism postpones the effects of Alzheimer's and helps people recover more fully from a stroke.


6. Bilinguals can make new friends and create strong relationships using their second language, while simultaneously maintaining close ties to their extended family.


7. Bilingual people are more capable of raising bilingual children, who can then enjoy all of these benefits.