Parents United for Excellent Dual Education

Cognitive and Emotional Benefits

Research shows that bilingual children outperform monolinguals in terms of cognitive flexibility. This means that bilinguals are better at paying attention, controlling their impulses, and solving problems. They are also better able to understand shades of grey in a debate, and they recognize the challenges of communication and translation. This leads bilinguals to be more empathetic and more capable of seeing the other side of a debate. Research shows that bilingual brains are cognitively stronger and healthier than their monolingual counterparts. For example, Alzheimer’s sets in at least four years later for bilinguals than monolinguals.

In sum, bilingual children and adults are better able to pay attention and switch focus between tasks. They also have better memories and demonstrate higher-level problem-solving and planning skills. Plus they are more empathetic and emotionally intelligent.

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